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The EV Database was born out of frustration of the lack of objective information on electric vehicles. The project started out small, but has since grown into a central hub of objective information on electric vehicles in several countries. The project wasn't - and never will be - about making money: it's about supporting the push to sustainable mobility by gathering objective information on EV's and making this information available to the general public for free.

Like any business, we do however have costs associated with running the project. To cover these costs we run ads, which we rather wouldn't have to do. That's why we try to cover our costs with another important source of income: selling our data to all sorts of clients. These clients range from automotive companies to chargepoint operators, research institutes, media and consultancy firms.

If you're interested in using our data, please see below for more information.

Free Use

In the spirit of our mission we also allow free use of our data, but only under strict conditions.
The use of data from the EV Database is only free if the following conditions are met:

  1. Prior permission for the use of the data is requested to and granted by EV Database, see contact details below
  2. Data exports or API access is not available under the Free Use tier
  3. The data is strictly copied and updated manually, no automated data collection can be applied in any form
  4. Wherever the data is used, EV Database is listed as the source and an active and up-to-date link to EV Database is clearly visible
  5. When using data of a specific vehicle, an active and up-to-date link to the vehicle's detailpage on the EV Database is clearly visible
  6. Hot linking to, or direct use of, any images on EV Database's servers is not allowed
  7. The data is only published in its original state and without any modifications

Please note:
Spiders, crawlers or any other forms of automatic data collection are not allowed. All traffic on our servers is strictly monitored. Unauthorized use of free services will result in a permanent denial of access to the database. In the event of any unauthorized collection or use of the data all applicable costs will be charged retroactively.

All data of the EV Database is available for application in external systems by means of an API. As the dataset isn't very dynamic, we do not operate a fully-fledged API. Clients will receive a custom endpoint to which they can send a request. The response is a fully updated dataset of all vehicles in JSON format.

An overnight sync is usually more than enough for any application. An additional benefit is that we can keep the cost of infrastructure, bandwidth and maintenance at a minimum and offer a very competitive price.


  • Access all EVDB data: vehicle category M1 (passenger vehicles) and N1 (light commercial vehicles)
  • Full archive of discontinued vehicles for both M1 and N1 available
  • Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) data available for category M1
  • Data Modules: only pay for what you need, a total of 10 modules are available
  • Any combination of modules and categories is possible to match your requirements
  • Extended Vehiclesets: extend your Data with PHEV and/or Discontinued Vehicles
  • Continuous updates: all Data is dynamically generated at request
  • Available countries: Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom (all with local market data, including pricing)
  • European Supersets: combined data from all countries in one Superset (Standard or Full)
  • Available units: Metric / SI or UK Imperial
  • Listing of or linking to EV Database as source is not mandatory
  • Data format: JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Full documentation of all Modules, fields and mappings available
  • Datasets can be ready for use in as little as a few hours
  • Free Demo Account: free and full access to all Modules (limited vehicles), ideal for testing and development
  • Data Services are only available to registered companies

Request Data Services

If you're interested in using our data or have any further questions, please contact us by email. We'll be happy to generate a Free Demo Account and give you more details on the Modular Pricing.

Data Services are only available to registered companies, private applications will not be accepted.

On business days, one of our specialists should reply within a few hours.

Contact us at data-services@ev-database.org

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