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About EV Database

Our main goal is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable transport by maintaining an easily accessible database with all data regarding electric vehicles. Electric vehicles, in combination with autonomous driving, will be one of the most relevant revolutions in the automotive industry. Autonomous electric vehicles will one day be the norm. However, there are quite a few misunderstandings and myths surrounding the electric vehicle. A lot of questions with regards to charging, range and the daily driving of an EV still remain. Information on these topics is stored in the EV Database to objectively answer as much of these questions as possible.

EVDB is completely independent: it is not funded or subsidized in any way. Revenue is currently only generated by placing as few ads as possible to cover running costs. If you're running an Adblocker and like what we do, please consider whitelisting the EV Database. We do not collect any user data and only track basic anonymous user behaviour to improve the database.

The EV Database aims to gather as much real-world data as possible. A lot of information in the car industry is often not applicable in practice, as these are often based on theoretical data gathered in laboratories. To avoid misunderstandings, the EV Database shows the official data in addition to the real-world data.

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