Missing Vehicles and EVDB Inclusion Criteria


Can't find the vehicle you're looking for? Check out this article to see what vehicles qualify for inclusion and what you can do if a qualifying vehicle appears to be missing from EV Database.

EVDB Inclusion Criteria

The following criteria apply for vehicles to be included in EV Database.
The vehicle must be:

  1. A Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
  2. Homologated as a passenger vehicle (European Vehicle Category M1)
  3. Available in the United Kingdom
  4. Available to order for the general public through a fully licensed distributor, importer or the manufacturer directly
  5. Mass-produced: intention to produce at least 500 mechanically identical vehicles for the European market

NOTE: Vehicles that will most likely meet the criteria within reasonable time can also be included prior to market launch. This may result in vehicles being included that do not yet meet the criteria. These vehicles might be removed at any time if the criteria aren't met within a reasonable time.

Common Reasons for Missing Vehicles

We often receive feedback from users that certain vehicles are missing.
Below is a list of common reasons why a vehicle might not be included:

  • The vehicle is not available in the UK, or has not been announced for the UK
  • The vehicle is a concept or in development and there isn't enough information available for inclusion in the database
  • Trim levels: these are not included in the database, we only list vehicles that have significant mechanical differences
  • The vehicle has been unveiled recently: vehicles are added as soon as we have a minimum set of data available
  • The vehicle has been discontinued: these are not included in the main overview, but are included in the archive

Still Missing a Vehicle?

If you're still missing a vehicle that meets the EVDB Inclusion Criteria and does not fit one of the Common Reasons for Missing Vehicles, we would love to hear from you!

Contact us at info@ev-database.uk and we'll check out your feedback and tips right away.

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